Friday, November 14, 2014

Plus Size OOTD: Cats & Plaid

It's officially Fall, ladies and gents! It is actually pretty cold today, so I know that I wanted to go for a flannel. I adore plaid, so I went with this awesome plaid flannel that I bought from our church rummage sale a while ago. I actually think it might have been my Grandpa's. I didn't even think to look through his stuff before it got used for the sale! I love it, nonetheless. 

I've never worn this combination before, but I really love it! I bought the scarf I'm wearing and could not for the life of me think of anything I could wear it with until today. I was searching every single piece of clothing hanging up and finally spotted it--a great piece to match. 

I'm pretty much in love with these color combinations too.

What are your favorite color combinations to wear for the Fall time?

Shirt: Cato's
Flannel: Church Rummage Sale
Jeans: Walmart
Scarf: JCPenny's
Shoes: Gift
Rings: Gift
Bag: Gift

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