Monday, September 22, 2014

Plus Size OOTD: Fringe For Fall

It felt great again today outside, but it's not that chilly. So instead of a multi- layered look like I wanted to go for, I just opted for a crochet fringe vest. It's so comfy!

Vests are some of the best layering pieces you will ever find. There are different kinds of vests out there. Denim, leather, crochet, you name it. I feel like they look flattering on everyone and are pretty much universal. You can even wear vests in the Spring/Summer time and it looks equally as nice. You just gotta figure out which vests are more suitable for which occasions, events, plans, etc. For example, Don't wear a thick, padded vest in the Summer. Instead, go for a lightweight denim one or a thin, flowy one.

Do you have a favorite vest piece in your closet that you grab for? Let me know!

Shirt: Walmart
Jeans: Walmart
Shoes: Gift
Crossbody: Cato
Fringe Vest: Burke's Outlet
Chain Necklace: Vintage
Spike Necklace: Burke's Outlet
Large Ring: Gift
Purple Stone Ring: Hand-me-down

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