Tuesday, September 23, 2014

5 Ways To Mix Prints With A Leopard Scarf

Mixing prints can be super scary, but if you do it right, it's no sweat! I used to be afraid to mix different prints together. While mixing prints together is not everyone's cup of tea, it sure is mine! So, today, I'm showing you five different ways you can experiment with pattern mixing just in time for Fall. All you need is a leopard scarf! Of course, you can use any kind of patterned scarf you'd like. Leopard is just pretty versatile. It almost acts like a neutral. Got your scarf? Good! Let's get started!

Outfit #1: Mix leopard print with camo. I know just saying it out loud sounds a little crazy at first, but once you actually pair the two together, it's kinda magical. This outfit is perfect for the fall. Pair your camo sweater with boots, top it off with a beanie, and you're good to go. This is a super chill, comfy outfit.

Outfit #2: Mix leopard print with stripes. This combination is a lot less daring than the previous one. Stripes, I find, look amazing with just about any kind of print you could think of. Just like leopard is considered a neutral, I also find that stripes are too. You can just about pair the two with anything to add interest. 

Outfit #3: Mix leopard print with plaid. This one may sound a little scary to say aloud as well. The browns in the leopard print look really amazing with red plaid especially. It's probably my favorite color of plaid to wear with leopard print. I think the colors look great together. Once again, the leopard is acting as a neutral, and a statement piece.

Outfit #4: Mix leopard print with feather-like-print. This one definitely sounds weird. A good way to see if something goes with the leopard print is to hold up your scarf against the shirt you think might go with it. Look and see if you have the same colors in your shirt as your scarf. Since I have brown in my shirt that you see above, I felt like it looked cool and unexpected to pair these two prints together. You could pair the leopard scarf with a brown striped shirt too. As long as your two different prints are in the same color family, mixing them should be easier. 

Outfit #5: Mix leopard print with giraffe print. Since the patterns are similar, it works. Another tip for mixing prints is wearing one print a lot larger than the other one. On my shirt in the picture above, the print on it is very small compared to the leopard on my scarf. This makes the two different prints more subtle.

What prints do you like to mix and match together? Let me know in the comments!

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