Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sweet Sunglasses & Outfits To Go With Them

I was inspired to announce Warby Parker's new sunglasses and glasses frames. Me being a glasses wearer myself, I felt like I have seen all the frames. I love that feeling of going to get a new pair of glasses and getting to find which ones fit your face and what colors and styles you get to see. They're all shiny and new and just gleam in the store light. You find a pair that catches your eye. You place them on, and you think, Yes, yes! These are the ones! I've found my perfect match!

Okay...maybe that was a little dramatic, but you get the picture. Warby Parker gave me the idea of creating outfits to go with their new collections and I thought that was awesome idea! It sounded right up my alley so I made these fun outfits that I would actually wear with these awesome glasses. 

If you're interested in any of these awesome glasses and sunglasses, you can click here for the sunglasses and you can click here for the eyeglasses. I looked at all of them and it gets addicting! Haha So many glasses, so little time! ;)

Outfit #1: I created this outfit around these awesome purpley lensed sunglasses. They are called the "Bennett" sunglasses. I would totally wear this outfit out and about shopping or running some errands. I'm a fan of matching little things here and there to tie in your outfit, so I chose some purple vans, lipstick, and crossbody to tie in with the sunglasses. If you want to check them out, click here.


Outfit #2: I decided to go with an Audrey Hepburn style for these sunglasses. If you know me, you know I adore everything about Audrey Hepburn. Including her style! I feel like she would have appreciated this outfit. These sunglasses are called the "Blackwell" sunglasses. You can click here to check out these classy bad boys!


Outfit #3: I love the olive toned lenses with gold frames on these sunglasses. Olive is one of my favorite colors, so I thought it would be fun to go for a casual, but cute fall look. I love the olive paired with the beige jacket with the gold hardware on it to match the frames. There is even gold studs on the backpack to match! So adorable! This would be a perfect look for a college student who wants to look cute and put-together, but comfortable at the same time. These glasses are called the "Blake" sunglasses which you can check out here


Outfit #4: I thought that these modern style black frames would look really cute with this bohemian outfit that I've styled. I added a pop of red against black and it just really pops. I like that these glasses have a bit brown in them. It sometimes looks more "natural" than just a stark black frame. Don't get me wrong, I love those too! These glasses are called the "Graham" glasses. You can check them out here


Outfit #5: This outfit may be my very favorite. The rose gold frames on these glasses are super awesome! It was such a fun challenge to style an outfit around these. I'm really into gold and silver metallics, so I thought that this amazing bomber jacket would look stunning with these glasses. Rose gold is something that I've surprisingly never played around with before, but I absolutely love it! I thought it would look cute to have the shoes match and the striped bag to match the stripes on the bomber jacket. These rose gold glasses are called the "Blair" glasses. You can check out these unique frames here.


Man, all of these outfits make me want to go shopping for some new frames! ;) I'm a "four-eyes" and proud of it! 

Note: This post is not sponsored. I am not receiving free product nor do I get paid for anything said here. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love all the different choices! I didn't realize that frames came in various colored lenses. Love the way you styled each one!


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