Saturday, May 2, 2015

Plus Size OOTD: Glamouflage

Camo doesn't have to be just restricted for the fall, guys! I'm wearing it today in a very summer way. (That rhymed...) To make camouflage appropriate for the summer time, make sure you are wearing light, breathable fabrics like I've done here. I chose a light, thin vest over a comfy black short sleeved shirt.

Another feature of my outfit that keeps this camo cool for the summer is that my sleeves are lace. Meaning that there are holes all throughout the sleeves, so I can feel a breeze. (Again with the rhyming...ugh..) It makes my shirt feel more like a tank top since the sleeves are so breathable.

Adding sandals or flip flops definitely gives a summery vibe to the camouflage print. Any kind of open toed shoes are generally more appropriate for the spring and summer times Of course, like all "fashion rules" there are none. Sometimes they are meant to be broken. You do you, girl!

Last but certainly not least, the capris complete the whole summer vibe. They keep you a lot cooler than jeans do. While I'm still wearing JEAN capris, they are light and perfect for the summer.

Are there any "fall items" that you like to wear in the summer time? Let me know!

Shirt: Walmart
Vest: Burke's Outlet
Capris: Walmart
Purse: Ross
All Necklaces: Walmart
Heart Ring: Vending Machine (No, I'm not kidding. haha)
Spike Ring: Gift
Shoes: Amazon


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