Thursday, March 12, 2015

Plus Size OOTD: Floral Kimono

Today was a pretty warm day. It was gorgeous outside! I was so excited to be wearing something flowy. I adore flowy things! This outfit was super comfortable for being out in this kind of weather. 

I love the fact that I can wear this kimono with several different colors of shirts. That makes it super versatile and that's one of the things that I love most about clothing pieces. I feel as though this outfit was slightly on the bohemian side. It's probably all in my head, but whatevs. :)

You can't see my hair very good on one side in the pictures because it is braided and clipped back. I should have thought to get a picture of the braid, but I didn't. Oh well!

By the way, I know my nails look pretty disgusting. I have always had a horrible habit of biting them and so they look like this. I need to buy one of those sprays that stops nail biting. For now, just ignore those grody nails, kay? 

What's the weather like where you live? Hot? Cold? Windy? Let me know!

Shirt: Walmart
Kimono: Hand-me-down
Jeans: Walmart
Shoes: Gift
Necklaces: I made these using a jewelry making kit
Rings: Cato
Earrings: I made these using a jewelry making kit


  1. You look so cute in that outfit with your hair braided. I love all your outfits! I really love the kimono. I would love to have one.
    I am catching up on your blog today and really enjoying it. Love you bunches.

    1. Thanks, Susan! You should definitely get a kimono. It is beyond comfortable! I absolutely love kimonos. Love you too!!


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