Thursday, March 26, 2015

Plus Size OOTD: Cotton Candy

This is the outfit I wore for church yesterday. I threw on this awesome scarf to give my bland outfit a nice pop of color. Just looking at this scarf reminds me of cotton candy. It inspired my makeup which I made look similar to cotton candy. 

I was super comfy in this as usual. Comfy is key as I've said a million times before. :) If I'm not comfortable, I'm not happy. 

I'm glad that I can wear my super comfortable croc flip flops! They are the best pair of flip flops I've ever owned. I will definitely cry big, fat tears when they mess up. I'm not kidding! I love those things. 

I'm slightly bummed that it's pretty much Summer feeling outside now. My favorite season is Fall, so this hot weather is no bueno. I hate sweating and the bees. hahaha 

Do you get inspired by a scarf or some kind of object you see?

Shirt: Burke's Outlet
Skirt: Hand-me-down
Scarf: Hand-me-down
Necklace: Walmart
Ring: Dollar Plus Store
Lipstick: Mauve Outta Here by Wet-n-Wild (Amazon) and Yummy Pink by Covergirl (Amazon)
Shoes: Amazon

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