Thursday, January 22, 2015

Plus Size OOTD: Pops Of Purple

It's pretty chilly outside today, so I wanted to layer up. I know the more logical thing would have been to wear jeans, but I didn't have any clean. So, instead, I threw on one of my go-to maxi dresses. Goodness, it's so comfy! I'm also in love with the stripes. 

I wanted to layer up, but not be too hot once I took my leather jacket off. I went to visit my Papaw and it's pretty much boiling in his house all year round, so I wanted a very light layer. For that, I chose a thin, black cardigan. It's comfortable as well. It's gorgeous and flowy in the front. That's awesome for plus sized gals like me since it hides the stomach area. Anything black and flowy is a plus in my book! Not only does black slim you down but it's definitely my favorite color to wear, which is weird, I know. 

I topped off the cardigan with this awesome faux leather jacket that I got pretty cheap at Ross. It was a steal for a jacket like that so I grabbed it. I really love it! It's comfortable and definitely keeps you warm. I LOVE anything edgy, so this was a pretty amazing add to my wardrobe. 

For the last layer, I threw on this huge ombre purple scarf. It's so soft and gorgeous! The pictures really do not do this thing justice! The colors of it are just to-die-for! I also wore a purple lipstick to go along with it! I adore the pops of purple in this almost black/white outfit! The lipstick I'm wearing is by Covergirl in the shade, 330 Divine. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Go get you some!

To lighten my load a little bit today, I chose to only carry the essentials in this adorable, studded crossbody. I absolutely love this thing. It looks pretty small, but I can fit a decent amount of things in there. When I saw this purse in the store, it seemed like a bright light shone down on it with angels singing the Hallelujah chorus. my mind anyways. 

Is it getting colder where you live, or are you already breaking into your Spring clothes?

Maxi: Ross
Cardigan: Burke's Outlet
Jacket: Burke's Outlet
Shoes: Gift
Scarf: Gift
Crossbody: Ross
Rings: Gift, Cato
Lipstick: Covergirl in the color, 330 Divine


  1. Hey girl, I nominated you for the Liebster awards, love your blog, xoxo.

  2. Looking forward for your Liebster post ;)

  3. Hello Dear :* This post is great , You are awesome !
    Do you want to follow each other? or can you click in link on my last post? :)

  4. Apeksha- Thank you for nominating me! I feel honored. I will definitely work on the Liebster post! :)

    Kaasja- Aw, thank you so much! I just followed you! :)

  5. Euge Etche- Thank you so much! It's super comfy.


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