Sunday, January 25, 2015

Liebster Award [Discover New Bloggers]

Happy Sunday!
"And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." -John 12:32

I have been graciously nominated by Apeksha Kariman for the Liebster Award. If you don't know, or follow Apeksha already, CLICK HERE to check out her blog! It's super cute and full of great photos! She's such a sweetheart and I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!

The Liebster Award is this cool thing that helps new bloggers be known throughout the blogging community. We're all in this together doing the same thing and it's such an awesome thing to recognize new and upcoming bloggers. You are supposed to nominate 11 bloggers.  I can't think of 11 bloggers, but I can think of 5! :)

Apeksha's Questions:

1. What is your #1 inspiration?
I get inspiration mostly from bloggers and Pinterest! Gotta love good 'ole Pinterest. :)

2. What do you expect from blogging?
I just expect to have fun doing what I love and right now, blogging is super fun for me.

3. How does blogging effect your life?
Blogging gives me a creative outlet. I feel happy when I'm able to blog. It's such a joy for me. A lot of times, when I'm out, I will see something and go, "Oh, that would make a great blog post!" My family knows that I blog and so I will have them take photos for me. So, blogging has definitely effected my life in many ways. It gets me to be even more creative. 

4. Are you in love with what you do?
I currently work part time cleaning houses and I blog. Cleaning isn't fun, but it pays the bills. I would love to blog full time, but I'm not able to do that right now. Maybe some day in the future though! I do love blogging. 

5. What is the positive thing in your life?
Jesus and my family are the positive thing(s) in my life. They are what keeps me going sometimes. Life is hard, but they make it worth living in. Jesus has never left me. When I feel like no one in the world loves me or cares about me, He's always here. 

6. Who is your role model?
My aunt, Sandra, is definitely my role model. She has always been since I could remember. She is just such a good person. She doesn't judge anyone, she's kind, thoughful, helpful, loves Jesus and is just an all around great person. I could write a whole book about how wonderful she is, but for the sake of time, I'll leave it at that. :)

7. Favorite movie?
Oh man! It's soooo hard to pick a favorite movie! There are so many great ones out there. I'll just tell you my favorite movie of the moment. That's a little easier. My favorite movie at the moment is Geek Charming. It's a Disney Channel original movie that came out a few years ago. I can't get over how extremely adorable that movie is! I could watch it every day. It's slightly cheesy, but in a good way. I'm a fan of cheesy movies though. 

8. Favorite jewelry?
I am a jewelry junkie, guys. My favorite piece of jewelry at the moment is my spiked necklace that I wear pretty often. I'm sure you've seen it in outfit posts. 

9. Favorite Song?
There's no way I could pick one favorite song ever, but I can pick a current favorite. I love this song a whole lot. There's several that I love a whole lot, but for now, I'll leave you with one. 

10. The place you want to visit/fell in love with?
I have wanted to go to Paris for the longest time and have recently wanted to visit Scotland. Both of those places just look amazing to me. I'd love to be able to travel. Maybe some day!

The Nominees:


  1. lovely post! Check out my fave of today!

  2. Rakel- Ah! Those shoes are killer too!


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