Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Plus Size OOTD: Leather Fever

Since it's definitely freezing outside now, I decided to throw on a leather jacket for some extra warmth. I love leather jackets! They are some of my favorite things to look at and wear. The one I'm wearing is nice and padded inside. I really love it. Leather jackets literally go with everything! Am I right, ladies?

I had no jeans clean, so I put on this maxi dress that I just love! It's one of the comfiest dresses that I own. Since it's long, it gives me extra warmth and coverage. 

I was pretty dumb not to wear boots with this outfit though. You know why? Because, hello, it's December! My brain apparently didn't comprehend that this morning. My shoes are also brown. Ugh. Sometimes it's like I get dressed in a zombie like fashion. Is anyone else like that?

I can't believe that Christmas is coming up just around the corner! It's crazy! This year has just completely flown by. I hope you all are having a wonderful day and staying toasty warm in this cold weather.

Shirt: Burke's Outlet
Dress: Ross
Shoes: Hand-me-down
Tiger ring: Walmart
Spike Ring: Walmart
Leather Jacket: Ross


  1. I love your jacket!! You have the prettiest clothes and jewelry! Wish I had your fashion sense. Love you!

  2. You do have fashion sense! I love it. Love you too!


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