Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Style Steal: Merrick's Art

Today, I decided to do some Style Stealing for the blog and I went with one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, Merrick from Merrick's Art. Please check out her blog! Click HERE to check it out! Something I love about her blog, is that it is full of wonderful pictures of fashion inspiration. She seems like such a kind person and I know you would love her!

I was looking at my Pinterest this morning and realized that I had very similar pieces to what she was wearing. I thought that if she could pull it off, so could I! Well, I definitely don't pull it off near as well as she does, but I had fun nonetheless. That's what fashion is about anyways--being creative and thinking outside the box. If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, click HERE.

I'm pretty excited about Thanksgiving tomorrow. Who's with me? Make sure to wear something comfy! :)

Do you have any favorite lifestyle/fashion bloggers that you love? Let me know!

Maxi: Burke's Outlet
Denim Shirt: Walmart
Camo Jacket: Goodwill
Boots: Dollar General
Necklace: Cato
Chain Ring: Cato
Midi Ring: Claires


  1. I never thought that a shirt can look so great over another shirt :) I think I have to try it out by myself. You look very nice! Great inspiration :)

  2. Thank you very much! I never thought so either until I saw Merrick pull it off. :)


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