Friday, April 29, 2016

Plus Size OOTD: Dad's Plaid




If you've read this blog for a while, you know that I love, love, love plaid. I've loved it since a child. It probably stems from seeing my Dad wear plaid and my Grandpa. My wonderful Grandpa passed away just a few months ago. He wore plaid just about every day of his life. Long sleeved plaid shirts, to be exact. Sometimes he'd roll his sleeves up like I've done here. I can just see him now drinking his coffee in his recliner. I still miss him a lot. I always will. When someone passes from your life, you never get over it. So, when I paired this outfit together, I thought about Grandpa. Plaid is a comfort to me in that way. 

The plaid button up I'm wearing used to be my dad's, but I Haha ;) He always finds the best plaid. Sometimes when I'm out shopping at Goodwill or the thrift store, I look for plaid shirts that I think that he'll like. 

I decided to throw on this graphic tank that I got from Walmart. It was in the men's section on clearance for $5, so I had to! I just thought it was so cute. It's hard to pass up a good clearance. It really is my weakness.

I haven't worn my converse since high school, so I decided to throw these babies on. I forgot how much I loved them. It was nice to put them back on. 

Are there certain clothing pieces or designs that are sentimental to you?

Tank: Walmart
Button Up: Hand-me-down
Jeggings: Walmart
Choker: Walmart
Charm: Add To Beauty
Ring: Cato

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  1. Found you on Pinterest. I really like your combo of the plaid with the graphic tee. My dad wore plaid/flannel when I was a kid too. It's such a comforting thing to wear---like a little piece of home. :)


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