Friday, July 10, 2015

A Week Of Instagram

Had a great time enjoying all things nature with the cousin. :) #photography #nature #trees

On one of the days in my week, my cousin and I decided to have a picnic inside of a trail. It was gorgeous around there! Everything was so luscious and green. It felt like we were sitting in a forest. We both enjoyed being outside for a change.

Im really diggging this shirt from @walmart ♥ Coffee really does own me. #sosassy #coffee #shirt #walmart #clothing

I love this cute, quirky shirt that I purchased from Walmart. It's so cute AND SO TRUE. Haha Coffee really does own me, doesn't it? It was only five dollars, so I had to snag it. 

I made Basil Chicken Pasta for the family tonight. :) #pasta #food #basilchicken #supper

I made Basil Chicken Pasta for my family. I have never made this recipe before and I thought I'd try it out. I found it online and just added my own little twists to it. It turned out surprisingly well!

Coffee cures a multitude of ills. Seriously. #coffee #success

Ah...Coffee...I could probably post a picture of coffee every day for this week. Like I said. Coffee owns me. ;)

I hope your week has been grand! If not, I hope it gets better. Thanks for reading my little blog! 


  1. That looks like such a pretty place for a picnic! It looks like a place Edward Cullen would hang out :) I watched Twilight over the weekend so I have that on my mind. lol.


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