Wednesday, December 24, 2014

How To Turn A Bulletin Board Into A Jewelry Display

Merry Christmas Eve, ladies!

So...I don't know if any of you have this problem, but I'm always running out of places to put my jewelry. I never found a system that really worked. My long necklaces just end up getting tangled in a jewelry box and I've put tons of ugly tacks all over my walls. It's just really not pretty. I just didn't find it aesthetically pleasing to me, so I decided to save my wood paneling and just turn my bulletin board into a jewelry display instead. 

It actually makes me want to hang my necklaces up there because it looks so pretty. If you want to know how you too can turn your plan, old, bulletin board into a jewelry display, keep reading!


STEP 1: Get your bulletin board. It doesn't matter what kind of bulletin board you get, just as long as you get one. The one that I have is super old. I've had it since Elementary school. I'm 21, so you can just imagine! I've done everything imaginable to it and it's stood the test of time.

STEP 2: Grab a paintbrush and paint the trim of your bulletin board any color you'd like. I chose a metallic gold paint. I'm redoing my room completely, so the colors I chose will match my "future" bedroom.

Tip: Depending on the type of paint you have, you may need to paint a couple of coats until you get the opacity you want. I had to paint 2-3 coats on mine.

STEP 3: (Optional) Before your last coat of paint dries, sprinkle glitter of your choice all over the trim that you just painted. I chose to sprinkle gold glitter over my gold paint. This step does get super messy, so make sure you have newspaper, cardboard, or anything under your board for protection. You don't want this getting all over your floor. Trust me on this. It's happened more times than I can count.

STEP 4: After you have carefully sprinkled (or painted) what you wanted to on your trim, just let that bad boy dry for an hour or so. See what I mean about needing something under your project to protect your floor? Since I'm naturally accident prone, I ended up spilling glitter all over my floor anyways, but be smarter than me. :)

Tip: If you decided to use glitter, please spray all along your trim with Polyurethane, or some kind of sealer to keep the glitter from falling off. Also, please shake off the excess glitter or you'll have a CRAZY glitter disaster!

STEP 5: (Optional) After you have given it enough time to dry, you can go ahead and paint the cork part of your bulletin board if you wish. I've had my bulletin board for years as I've previously mentioned, so I wanted to paint mine. I felt like it was easier for me to hang up my jewelry display where I wanted it before I painted the cork, but you can do it before you hang it up if you want.

STEP 6: You're finished! If you haven't hung up your jewelry display yet, hang that thing up, stand back, and admire your super easy jewelry display. You know what the best part is? You made it by yourself! It just goes to show you that you don't have to spend tons of money to make something beautiful. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! While you're enjoying all of the food, gifts, fun, and family, please don't forget who this is all about--Jesus! That is the reason why we even have a season to celebrate. Of all the gifts that you could ever receive, Jesus is the very best one. It's a gift that doesn't expire, doesn't get old, and doesn't get lost. Once you accept the gift of Jesus, it's yours forever. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Jesus!


  1. Amazing!!!! I plan to do this! It looks so good!!!
    You blessed my heart with your beautiful words about Christmas! <3

  2. Awesome! You definitely should! It's easy to do. It's just time consuming. :)

  3. I love this idea. How about an idea for LOTS of earrings? Something simple, and easy to put back in the correct place.

    1. That's a great idea, June! I'll have to think of something! :)


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