Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Cream Recipe

Not too long ago, it snowed quite a few inches here and we couldn't wait to go scoop up all that good snow and turn it into Snow Cream! I'm sure you guys know how to make snow cream especially if you live in the South like me. I thought that I'd share the recipe with you anyhow! :)

 I pulled this recipe from my dad's blog, Tug's Life. Give it a read! You won't be disappointed.  CLICK HERE for the direct link to the recipe. 

1-can of cream (evaporated milk)
1-cup of sugar
1-tbs of vanilla extract
10-cups of clean snow from the hood of your car!

Stir the cream, sugar, and vanilla together until smooth. Slowly stir in the snow a little at a time. Mix well until everything is nice and smooth and creamy, like ice cream. Then you may feel free to eat it all! :)


  1. Yummy!!! That sounds delishious!! It looks so good it makes me want some right now!! Great post!

  2. I can taste it just by looking at this pic!

  3. OMG that stuff was SO good! This is what makes me wish that my birthday was in the winter...


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