Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Are You A Pin Hoarder?

Pin Hoarder (noun): One who pins more pins than one knows what to do with. One typically keeps many boards of pins without ever using a single pin.

If you have a Pinterest and are guilty of pinning everything under the sun and never actually doing anything from it, raise your hand. 


Umm...Me? I confess....I am a Pin Hoarder.

Yes, yes, you read correctly. I am one of those people that pins anything and everything that I like but never actually does anything with it. I hoard all kinds of things on my Pinterest account. What is the point of me pinning stuff in hopes that I'll use it one day, when I never do? 

Well, I'd like to change that. Pinterest is pretty awesome. It's a shame that I'm not using it to the best of my ability. Wanna be Pinterest buds? Follow me HERE! Let's be addicted together!

I'd like to use some of my fashion pins. I make sure that they're modest before I pin them on a public board. 

. I just pin every single piece of clothing I saw that I liked. I've pinned some gorgeous outfits that I'd like to either copy or use as inspiration for the days that I go to church or days that I'm out and about. Since tomorrow is Wednesday, I figured that I'd look on my fashion boards and see what sticks out to me. 

Here's some fashion pins I'd like to use to pick out outfits for church:
(These photos are not mine)

Merricks Art
Photo Source: www.merricksart.comcardigan to match shoes.
Photo Source:
8 Mom Outfits: Day To Night
Photo Source:

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

Photo Source:
Merricks Art: Outfits
Photo Source:

Are you an avid Pin Hoarder? Let me know!

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